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Ceramic Spray Insulation.JPG

Ceramic Spray Insulation

Delta Thermal Services is a certified installer of ceramic cover which is commonly referred to as ceramic spray. Ceramic spray is a state of the art insulation coating that is environmentally friendly. A 60mil application can reduce radiant heat as much as 2” of insulation and has zero VOC.

Some advantages are:

  • Can be sprayed directly onto hot surfaces without shutting down plant equipment.
  • Has excellent adhesion to almost any substrate with very little preparation (no sandblasting).
  • Very flexible: it handles thermal cycling very well because of its elasticity.
  • A 60mil application will yield an R Value of 14.4 per inch.
  • It outperforms, mineral wool, polystyrene and many other materials at a fraction of thickness and cost.
  • Contains no hazardous chemicals.
  • It can be used for hot or cold applications and to reduce condensation.
  • Prevents employee burn injuries.
  • Very chemical resistant; will handle a wide variety of chemicals and fumes.